Dear Pooh Bear,

Five has been a year of a lot of firsts for you. The way that you have adapted is purely inspiring. I have watched you grow from a small five year old to a big five year old and I have thanked God everyday for being able to witness the beauty of you every day. You were in preschool at the beginning of the year, the same one you had been at for almost 4 years. You made lots of friends in preschool and through the years you lost a few too. You started as one of the youngest kiddos there so as your friends became too old for preschool you had to say goodbye. I know that wasnt easy for you and that you didn't understand why it had to be that way. I also know how stubborn you were to make new friends and accept a new best friend. I think it took you almost a year to allow yourself to call someone else your best friend after Brecky left. One thing I know for sure about you, Zeek, is that your heart is so pure and you are a true friend. I know it's only been a few months since you had to say good bye to your friends at preschool and your favorite teacher Miss Molly, and baby, there is no rush, but I can tell that you miss them all so much still. I know they are missing your spice and all of the amazing stories you tell. One of my favorite things about you, love, is your imagination and enthusiasm. The sky sets no limit for you.

During your last few months at preschool, I watched as you grew into your personality more and more. You began to take interest in things that still amaze me to this day. I love your thirst for knowledge. You ask the best questions, so great in fact, that I often dont have the answers. And while that doesn't stop you from continuing to ask, you give me so much grace when I cant give you the answers you need. I love asking Siri with you! I hope we continue to do that as you get older. You make everything so simple and I wish so much that the I could make the whole world simple for you. In your world, there is so much love, peace, grace, understanding, acceptance, and kindness. While I cant make the world a more simpler place for you, I know that you will find that simple everywhere you go because it will be attracted to you just like a magnet sticks to the fridge, simple with stick with you. But just because you see things in a simple way, that does not make you a simple guy. You are a wonder, my sweet boy. I could spend my entire life trying to figure you out, and I will because your complexity is just as beautiful as your simplicity and you never cease to amaze me. You puzzle me in the best ways possible. I often ask myself "how does such a young boy hold so much wisdom", "how does such a young boy spread so much love"? I ask myself questions like this all of the time because every day you amaze me with how much you know and understand and how much you love. I've never met a more loving person than you my love. I am the luckiest mom in the whole wide world to be loved by such a special boy like you.

I know how hard it was for you to say good bye to your preschool but I also know how excited you were to start your new school. You even let yourself make new friends way quicker this time. I am so proud of you. You still talk about your old friends and Miss Molly from preschool, though. Your heart truly has no limit and your love is timeless. Just in the few short months that you have been a kindergartener, I have seen you grow so much academically. I remember this one time, I was taking a shower and you hoped in to use the restroom and out of the blue you started counting by 10's. I had no idea that you knew how to do that. It was that moment that you eased my worries as an over worried mother, and I knew you were going to do just fine in school.

As we near your birthday I cant help but think about the other 5 we have spent together and all of the memories we have made in-between. All the phases, trains, lego people, Jurassic world, dinosaurs, bubbles, dolls, action figures, barbies, siren head, huggy wuggy, the list goes on. Your interests have always been so diverse and I love that about you. I love that your imagination doesn't care about boy toys and girl toys. Again, it's so simple. They are all just toys and you dont limit yourself to what interests you. One of my favorite things that you're doing right now is when you watch a gamer on YouTube and you imagine that you are playing the game in our living room. I just cant get enough of it, especially when its a dance game. You shake it like no one is watching and I admire you so much for that.

Zeek, I hope 6 brings you as much joy and happiness as 5 did and then some! I hope you continue to grow while still keeping all of the amazing qualities you hold. I hope that 6 keeps us close but that you continue to find your independence. I hope that 6 is amazing to you, my love, because you deserve nothing less.

I wish you the best, happiest, warm and fun 6th birthday Zeek.

Happy Happy Birthday my sweet boy!

Love Mom