I met Sheridan and Taylor during their engagement session. It was one of those sessions that was life changing. I walked away feeling so inspired from them and little did I know, Sheridan felt the same way. She reached out to me not too long after and asked if I would consider mentoring her. I didn’t even have to think about it. I absolutely said yes! It wasn’t long until we started meeting and diving into photographer.  The next thing I know I am at her Boulder County Fair Grounds Wedding, capturing it.

Usually, you only meet your bride one to two times before their wedding day. Once for the engagement session and a second time for a meeting before the big day. I was lucky enough to get to spend a lot more time with Sheridan. I was even able to meet her parents and her sister when they hired me to do a family session and more time with Taylor when Sheridan hired me to do a couple's water session. So, you could say that I got a little luckier than most photographers and was able to get to know these two before their wedding.  

I wasn’t even supposed to photograph their wedding. They had already hired their wedding photographer before we even met. But Sheridan really wanted me there and I would have loved nothing more. So, she reached out to her wedding photographer, Abby, at Akhul Photography in Helena and asked if she would be willing to let me be the second shooter. Abby was such a sweet heart and agreed. Most of the posing was done by Abby as I was just there to get different angles and add more variety to Sheridan and Taylors Wedding Gallery.  

During the time that I got to spend with Sheridan and Taylor I was able to witness their love for each other. At their sessions I could see how much Taylor loved Sheridan because he kept coming to them and he was willing to feel a little silly to do the poses Sheridan and I picked out for them.  Taylor you will never regret doing what your wife/photographer wants during your session, trust me. And it was so clear that Sheridan loved Taylor because she kept bringing him. All jokes aside, they are two wonderful people that I am so happy to have met and what an honor it was to witness and capture their wedding.  

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