I just cant get enough of Emelia and Olivia. I met them and their parents during a Christmas Session earlier this month. We were meant to go straight to Mount Helena, after, for a mini outdoor session but GPS (love and hate it) brought them to a different part of town and by the time we were able to figure out where they were compared to the mountain, we didn't have enough light in the sky. I felt so horrible because they got all dressed up for an outdoor session and I wanted nothing more than to capture it for them. But then Helen had a great idea. We could reschedule and do an at home Mom and Me session. And that is how this Boulder, Montana Mom and Me session came to be. Though, my business is based in Helena, Montana, I am always excited to travel for my clients. Anything I can do to make it more intimate and meaningful to them :)

When I arrived Emelia was so excited and her excitement quickly rubbed off onto Olivia. They were just the cutest little girls running back and fourth with the sweetest smiles and squeaks of joy. I could have watched them all day! I could use some of their energy as well but thats neither here nor there.

What a beautiful home I was welcomed into. Full of love and light. Helen was so gracious as I began drawing back all of the curtains and pinning them to the side. We even got this gorgeous fan like curtain open that she had been wanting open for a while. I am so happy that she was finally able to get it open and I'll never forget her saying that she is leaving it open! Little wins like that are so much fun!

I knew that Helen was hoping for some outdoor shots so I made sure to bring everyone outside for a super gorgeous grand finale displaying the beautiful mountain range in front of their home. Helen carried Olivia and I got to hold little Emelia's hand as we walked through the snow, it was that kind of snow that when you step on it you sink, sink snow! Her little hand was just the sweetest thing. The girls were definitely ready to head inside by the time we were done with the grand finale and warm up in their comfy home.

Helen, thank you so much for inviting me into your home. It is absolutely beautiful. I had so much fun with the girls. I am blown away with how well they did. I hope Olivia went down for her nap easily for you after I left. For being a tired baby she sure was a joy! I am so happy to have been able to make the short trip to you guys and capture such a fun Mom and Me session. I cant wait to get you guys back in front of my camera!

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