Welcome to Montana! We had our first major snow fall in October this year and as cold as it was, it did not disappoint from a portrait session perspective. When I woke up that morning, I was almost certain that mom was going to want to reschedule her family session but to my surprise she wanted to go for it and I was absolutely there for it. Fun fact, snow is (in my professional opinion) the best natural reflector ever! Have you ever noticed that it is super bright when there is a lot of snow on the ground? Thats because it's a reflector. It is constantly bouncing light around and for a photographer that is a dream! It fills in all of the fine line and shadow spots on faces to make for the perfectly exposed portraits. Don’t take my word for it, check out the rest of this blog and see for yourself! 

This view was like from a Christmas movie! So perfect it almost looks too good to be real. But let me tell you, that was real snow and it was cold. I was so nervous for my first time with the McMillen family to be on such a cold day but my nerves were quickly calmed when we found each other at the base of the mountain and everyone was so friendly and excited to start.  

We took a few breaks to warm up our hands and I brought out the blankets for some extra warm cuddles. The McMillen's were so flexible and willing to try all of the poses I had planned for their session and that made me so excited because this was my first snow session and I had so many ideas and was just about as excited as kid on Christmas morning!  

My pro tips for a warm and stylish snow session are to layer up! I’m talking legging under pants, thermals under everything and at least 2 coat layers (inner and outer shell). Accessories with cute mittens, beanies and scarves and of course blankets for extra warm and close cuddles. Hand and foot warmers are also great to have as well as some hot cocoa in the car waiting or in a to go cup sitting just out of site. Be sure that your layers are not too tight and restricting or else they won't help much. You need room for your body heat to flow through the layers and we definitely want blood to be flowing freely.  

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