I turned the big three-oh

The six months leading up to my 30th birthday there were a lot of anxieties and worries slowly starting to creep in. From body changes to frantically wondering "how I am already facing the last months of my twenties"? I have always been anxiety prone and when I start to think about time that has passed I often times loose myself in panic. And that was definitely starting to happen to me leading up to my birthday. But I didn't want this birthday to be something that was negative and stress producing. I wanted to celebrate it and own it. I have always loved the ideas of the "Dirty 30" birthday portrait session and the "Funeral to my Youth" birthday portrait session but they dont really fit my personality.

I am more of a bubbly, colorful, fun, silly, young at heart girl that is a little self conscious. So I couldn't do a dirty thirty because I would not be able to pull that look off and the Funeral to my Youth surely wouldn't fit because I love color and happiness. But one day I was scrolling through Facebook and found my solution. I saw a post about Selena Gomez turning thirty and the caption she used on Instagram when she posted pictures from her birthday, "30, nerdy and worthy". This was something I could completely relate to and decided that I was going to create my own birthday portrait session theme that fit me and hopefully many other women in their twenties about to turn 30! Something that could be colorful and fun, silly and young hearted, while challenging myself to dig deep and find that confidence and show it off! So I worked with my mentee and together we created a sophisticated, fun, playful birthday portrait session where we mixed elements from headshot portraits sessions, senior portrait sessions, fashion and so much more. And when I saw my portraits after my session I cannot tell you how amazing they made me feel. I looked at them and thought "oh my gosh, thats me! Look at me! I'm so beautiful". And dont worry, I didn't let it get to my head but I was for the first time admiring myself in a way I never had before. There were no filters, no tricks, no photoshop. It was just me. And I wish for every woman turning 30 to have these feelings. It was almost like this birthday portrait session, "30, nerdy and worthy", became my reality. All of the sudden, I felt worthy and confident in my skin. I owned the fact that I wear glasses all day and feel absolutely beautiful in them now. It took me from feeling like "oh my gosh, I am not ready to leave my twenties" to "I turned the big three-oh" with excitement and celebration.

So here is my advice to you; find a photographer that you can be yourself in front of and get that birthday session scheduled. You will NOT regret it. I didn't know how much I needed this until I did it. If your like me and you want more of a fun, colorful celebration themed 30th birthday portrait session then I would love to get you scheduled for one! If you are more into the dark and moody, funeral to my youth portrait sessions then I have some amazing photographers I can refer you to. The bottom line is that I don't want you to miss out on this truly powerful gift.

I want to give a special thanks to my mentee, Sheridan, who by the way just got married! It was absolutely beautiful and such an honor to be able to serve her on her special day. I cant wait to share more about that later! Sheridan, thank you so much for sticking it out with me on that super cold day. It was so much fun to be in front of the camera with you behind it. Your on the spot ideas were amazing and I love how dedicated you were to getting the shots! I am so happy that we are working together and that our paths crossed when you needed engagement photos! I think that day changed both of our lives and I am so excited to continue watching you grow as a photographer!