Meet me!

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Desiree Burgess

Wedding & portrait photographer

Hi, I am Desiree. I am so happy you are here! I am so passionate about what I do but it is so important for you to connect with your photographer on a personal level so allow me to introduce myself outside of my photography career.

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Growing in faith

I did not grow up with Jesus in my life and have spent the past year and a half starting and growing my relationship with Jesus. I bring everyone I can to church with me on Sundays (mom, dad, son, boyfriend). I am enjoying learning so much and having my family be a part of this journey.

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I have an amazing son who is 7 years old! I started homeschooling him just at the end of his kindergarten year. We love to go to on weekly field trips to our local library and children's museum. When we aren't working on school we spend our time staying hydrated, getting outside as much as possible, trying new things,  spending time with family and growing and nurturing our family tractions.

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I have a family of 3 (5 including our cats). My amazing boyfriend and son fill my days with so much love and joy. Both of my parents and my brother's family live in Helena! I am so blessed to have such a strong support system right here with me. I have one sibling (older brother) a sister-in-law, 3 nephews and 1 niece. Outside of my immediate family I have a large extended family on each side from both of my parents. Any chance that I get to spend time with family I take and cherish.

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When I am not growing in faith, homeschooling my son, spending time with family and all of the things, I enjoy being bored. I like to to take things slow and forget about to do lists. Because I am so organized and busy everywhere else in my life, when I have free time, I like to change the pace and do the opposite. It is not uncommon to see me in my pajamas all day on my days off. I enjoy challenging myself to grow in all aspects of my life and focusing on mental health.

if i had 3 wishes...

and malaria, thirst and world hunger were already solved I would wish for:

  1. A live in chef
  2. A never ending wardrobe
  3. To be able to travel in time to any stage of my pregnancy and any age of my son's life
Fun Facts

Favorite word to say out loud:

My absolute favorite word to say out loud is INEVITABLE. It just rolls off the tongue. Give it a try!

Favorite feel good t.v. show:

My go to comfort t.v. show is 3rd Rock from the Sun! Anyone else? An oldie but a goodie.

Sweet tooth alert:

I have a major sweet tooth and I love baking from scratch.

What  I do



From half wedding days to full wedding days.


Couples +

From new relationships to engagements and anniversaries.


Families +

From Newborn lifestyle to outdoor family sessions to milestones like the first birthday, themed sessions, senior sessions and more.


Motherhood +

From maternity to delivery to motherhood at any season of your journey..

Desiree was so great to work with! Her communication was top notch, she made an effort to find exactly what we were looking for in our session, and above all she was so kind and patient with our kids! We would definitely recommend her and definitely use her again in the future.


Desiree has been absolutely amazing to work with!  I originally booked her for a maternity shoot but sweet Sidney decided to come before we could make that happen.  Thankfully Desiree has been able to capture SO many precious moments since then!  She is makes photos comfortable, natural, and always so much fun!  I have and will continue to recommend her!  You will LOVE your photo sessions and photos.


Desiree is excellent! I had a friend give us the best compliment on Shannen’s seniors pictures - she said that she saw ALL of Shannen’s personality reflected in the pictures. What more could you ask for!?