Creating Return Tickets to Life's Biggest Moments

More than just photography

My belief is that photos are a blessing and as time goes on, I find such a deeper meaning behind what I do and why.

I am able to use photography to strengthen relationships, change lives, freeze time and so much more.


Wedding and Portrait Photographer

If I had 3 wishes and world peace, malaria, thirst and world hunger were already solved, I would wish for a live in chef, a never ending wardrobe and to be able to travel back in time to any stage of my pregnancy with my son and any age of my son.

Three wishes

I absolutely love baking sweet treats. Nothing beats a made from scratch cobbler or cake!

sweet tooth alert

My absolute favorite word to say out loud is INEVETABLE! It just rolls off the tongue. Give it a try.

favorite word to say out loud

My go to, comfort show to binge watch is 3rd Rock From the Sun. Anyone else? It's an oldie but a goodie!

favorite feel good t.v. show

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