The Details

What a beautiful day! Hot, but beautiful. I remember sneaking out of sight before the ceremony and soaking my feet with ice cold water, hot!

This was my third time, in person, with Adriana and Morgan and I have to say that every single time they were the most kind, happy, patient and loving couple ever! And on their wedding day that showed more than ever. Have you ever showed up to a wedding early? It's a lot. There is always something to be done up to the very last minute but these two were so calm and gracious the entire time. From putting the final touches on the details, getting ready and all of the things in between, if they were stressed you wouldn't have known it. It was all smiles until their first look. And even then there were still smiles with the tears. It was such an incredible moment and I am so honored that they trusted me to be there for it; to capture it for them. The love these two have for each other is inspirational.

It was like instant tears of love when I told Morgan to turn around. Just witnessing how much they loved each other made me start to tear up.

Moments from their Ceremony

Their ceremony was perfect. Not only did they unite as one with perfectly written vows but they even had a unity ceremony to include Morgan's children and Adriana wrote her own vows again for that. It was absolutely beautiful.

Cake Cutting

First Dance

I should have known that their first dance would be so full of love, silliness and happiness since the rest of their day was.

Family Portraits

Don't ask

Wife Portraits

We met up after their honeymoon to take their wife portraits. They were so excited to start their honeymoon and had a little drive ahead of them so to reduce stress and get them some rest we set up a new date to meet to take their portraits as wives.