This was my first vow renewal! Amanda and Fransisco didn’t have a wedding so this was their big day to not only rededicate themselves to one another but to have that big wedding day and celebrate with their friends and family. I remember talking with Amanda before the renewal about Fransicos family not being big smilers and that I might have a hard time getting them to but when we were shooting his groomsmen photos there couldn’t have been more smiles and laughs. I have never worked with such a fun and lively bunch. There were piggyback rides, silly poses and sooo many goofy smooches on the cheeks. My cheeks were hurting not even halfway through. There was just so much celebration and love whirling through the air everywhere that I went. They have truly found their village and have such a supporting and loving family. It was amazing to witness. 

Don’t get me started about their venue. It was breathtaking! So many trees and colors. It was perfect. I had never been to Anaconda, MT before this so everything was brand new to me. And I am so happy that they chose to renew their vows there, in the town Amanda was raised in. I cannot say enough good things about Amanda and Fransisco. They were both all smiles, so joyful and so so kind. There wasn’t a bridezilla moment to be seen and they were both just so happy. It's one of those things where it's hard to explain. It was a mix between feelings and seeing. But it was beautiful. It was so clear to see how much they loved each other and how excited and thankful they were to finally be having this day. 

The wedding party was just as amazing. Full of family and friends, they were, like I said, the liveliest bunch I have yet to work with but there was so much love in everything. Tears during the ceremony, which Amanda’s mother officiated, tears during speeches and I'm sure much more after I left. I always tell people at my weddings; you may hate me because if I see you crying, I am going to take a picture of it so the bride and groom can experience their day from my point of view. I don’t think anyone really ends up hating me for it but I like to give them a fair warning.  

Fransisco’s family catered the dinner. And oh my goodness. It would have been a tragedy if I wasn’t invited to eat. Those homemade tacos and salsas were Amazing! I’m craving them now. So much love and community were put into this day for Amanda and Fransisco. I just absolutely loved seeing that for them.  

Amanda & Fransisco, 

You two... I don’t know where to begin. Your vows were so beautiful and heartwarming and inspirational. Your hearts are so full. I felt like I was part of the family and I had so much fun. I am still smiling today thinking back and seeing how happy you two were. The love, joy and kindness were overflowing with you. It couldn’t have been a more loving environment if you tried. Thank you so much for letting me be a part of this day. I know you have been together for a little while already, but I am still just as excited as ever to see what the future holds for you, knowing it is going to be beautiful.  

Xoxo Desiree 

desiree marie- portrait & wedding photographer

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