From track to field, is there anything he cant do?

As we age, our kids do too. I remember Dylan's Dad, Jerry, reminiscing on how much time he got to spend with Dylan when they were both younger doing all things sports. While Dad may not be able to run along side anymore, Dylan is still keeping himself very busy with not one, not two, not three, but 4 sports. When I asked Dylan what he does for extra curricular activities I was impressed, to say the least, to learn that he does track and plays football, lacrosse and basketball. If that doesn't scream dedication, self discipline and motivation, I dont know what does! From football to jet skiing, Dylan spends a lot of his time outdoors. In the summer you probably wont find him relaxed on the couch binge watching t.v., you'll have better luck catching up with him at the lake, camping and setting an incredible example for his younger siblings.

"Footballl, the brotherhood that me and my teammates have will never be lost."- Dylan

"Sports have created unbreakable friendships that will last a lifetime."- Dylan

A wonderful young man

Before we hit Vigilante Stadium, we got to feature some incredibly beautiful Montana landscape near Dylan's home. And what I love about this is that I was able to meet the Dylan outside of sports first. It immediately became clear to me that he is kind hearted, helpful and so easygoing. As we were walking around to different locations he would grab my stepping stool (which was absolutely essential for his session because he towered over me) and bring it to where we were headed. He didn't wait to be asked, he just noticed how he could be helpful and took charge. How sweet is that? It didn't take long, after I posted his sneak peek, for my observation to be backed by others in our community commenting on how great he is.

From the mountains to the field

Once we arrived at the stadium, it was the coolest experience to see Dylan transform from a nice, polite gentlemen into a tough and confident athlete (he was still nice and polite). I remember looking at him through my camera and saying to myself "this kid is no joke". It felt like the whole vibe of the session changed. We didn't have his country playlist going anymore and he just instinctively became a professional athlete model. I absolutely loved the banter he and his dad had going on the field.