There is nothing sweeter than cuddles on the couch and the presence of a beautiful addition to a beautiful family. I remember walking into the Scott's house and immediately being brought back to my early days of motherhood. From the baby gadgets to the extra house guests, I so fondly thought back to when my son was just a little tiny baby just weeks into his journey on earth. Then I also remember looking at Mag and thinking "there is no way she just had a baby, she looks amazing". Every mother has a unique journey with their newborn and being a mom of a newborn but I dont recall mine looking so clean, beautiful and energetic. It was so refreshing to see how both Mag and Mike were so attentive to each of their three children's needs. From Will needing an immediate snack after preschool to Pearl wanting to be the best big sister ever, the amount of energy and capacity to handle all of these situations simultaneously was impressive to say the least. When I arrived Pearl was posted at the family table making the sweetest birthday card for her young brother, Will. Baby Gus was safely stationed right next to her. Mr.Will was on his way from preschool and when he arrived with dad, I was able to really see how much this family loves each other. Every time I am working with a family, my heart is truly touched. It fills a little spot in my heart that wishes my son was lucky enough to grow up with both of his parents in the same home. And this I know for sure, the Scott kiddos are three very lucky kiddos to have such loving, kind and capable parents guiding them every step of the way.

One thing I always tell my clients is that I let the children run the show. I come prepared with a shot list, supplies and plans but most of that gets thrown out the door once we get started because I would rather have happy kiddos than the perfect background. So when we came back inside to finish the session with cuddles on the bed and had the opportunity to get some sweet photos of the three kids on the stairs we took full advantage of that moment, even if it meant that Mr.Stuffy was going to be in the photo as well. This is what I love about photographing children. They are unapologetically themselves and that makes for some of the most precious, sweet moments to be captured.

Mag and Mike, thank you so much for welcoming me into your home to capture these precious moments of your new journey. While I was there I witnessed so much love that you have for your children. I saw what a great big sister Pearl is and what a great big brother Will is. And don't even get me started on baby Guss. He is so precious. So perfect in every way! Your children are absolutely amazing and I am so happy that I was able to spend a little bit of time with them to get to know them and capture them at this age. I saw you two work so smoothly together to make sure all of the kiddos had what they needed when they needed it and that is simply beautiful. And I cannot forget about the dogs! Though they were full of energy, the session wouldn't have been complete without them. You two have built a beautiful family and home. I am so honored to have been welcomed in to capture that. I cant wait to work with you guys again. Tell Pearl and Will that they did such a great job and I am so proud of them.

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