We loaded the elevator for this Windsor Ballroom Family Portrait Session. I remember all the littles disappeared as we squished in and went up. Luckily, the room was a lot bigger than the elevator. I always start each family session by getting all the group shots. It helps everyone warm up and feel more comfortable, especially if they haven't worked with me before or if there are littles. Luckily, not all of these faces were new to me. I have had the honor of photographing all of the littles before as well as Delaney and her gorgeous mom, who coordinated this amazing session. Let's start by talking about how fun it was. When the guys said they wanted to make a pyramid and have their dad on top I seriously thought they were just joking around. Then all of a sudden they were getting on the ground and I was like, okay, this is actually happening. And I am so glad it did!

I got the siblings together and we did the usual "look at me and smile" and then I said "now make fun of each other" and they all just brightened up and laughed and laughed. They had so much fun with it. It was so beautiful to watch. The entire session was beautiful to watch and capture.

I will always remember the way I felt when grandpa kissed grandma's hand and the love I witnessed when grandma kissed grandpa's hand. I absolutely had to wipe tears from my face after they had left as I was reflecting on their session and how much they all love each other. And once again, I had to dry my tears as I curated their sneak peek. This session definitely hit me in my feelers.

Thank you!

It was so nice to see some of you again and to meet the rest of the family. I am so happy that we were able to find a date that worked for everyone so we could make this session happen. RaeAnn, I am so honored to have been able to capture these moments for you and your family. The responsibility and trust of being let in on such an intimate time in all of your lives is not lost on me. Your session will always have such a special place in my heart. You are such a beautiful family so full of love and fun. Until next time, xoxo- Desiree

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