Miss Addison and Emery

are just the cutest little 5-month-old, identical twins, I have ever seen! They have such peaceful personalities and their mom, Marissa, was just the sweetest. And talk about a superhero! I remember her asking me if I could help her carry one of the girls into the studio and it made me stop (internally, I wasn’t frozen in the street or anything) and think WOW. You have double everything. Double of all of the good and all of the tough. As moms, we are so busy and our countless number of jobs never ends. I spent a few minutes thinking about how much this incredible woman does. Not just for her babies but everything.  I just kept asking myself , how does she do it? I struggle and I only have one child and he is 6 years old. I can only imagine how quickly the time it takes to plan out a simple trip to the store can become overwhelming. Much less getting two of the most adorable babies photoshoot ready, out of the door (on time), and to the studio. My mind starts to whirlwind with just the thought of how much effort went into making all of that happen. And even more, the babies were so happy and content, Marissa looked flawless and made everything seem effortless.  

When we started the session, I was so excited to be working with Addison and Emery. They had the cutest little outfits and bows. And don’t even get me started on those cheeks. They were such dolls. I am used to being the strange lady with the camera and getting some tears from the littles but these two were so happy. They let me get close and be as silly as I wanted. They played and absolutely loved the little fur fabric I had them on. They may or may not have tried to eat it. I’m not judging, when you're a baby, everything is food, right? 

It was such a great experience working with these two. You may think that working with twins would be harder than working with just one baby but it was actually easier. Because they got to take turns being in front of the camera. As soon as I noticed that Addison or Emery wasn’t really feeling it anymore, we switched them. I always had a cute little baby in front of my camera and mom always had the other, attending to whatever they needed at the time. It was such a smooth work flow. If Marissa was stressed, I would never have guessed because she was just this calm light radiating love.  

I was so happy that Marissa wanted a few photos of her and her girls. I remember looking through my camera and framing the photo thinking, there is no way she just gave birth to twins 5 months ago. She looks amazing!  

Marissa, I want to thank you so much for letting me meet your beautiful girls. It was such a fun experience working with your twins, Addison and Emery! They are so precious and so lucky that they have you as their mama! I hope these photos bring you so much joy when you look at them. I can't wait to see these two grow up, as long as they do it slowly.  

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