A little history

I am so excited to be sharing this poem with you! I fell in love with poetry my junior year of high school. I spent a lot of my free time writing poetry and adventuring into new worlds outside of my personal experience. It's amazing to see how much I have changed just by going back and reading my poems from that season of my life. I was in love, confused, self conscious, had my first heart break and was such a little rebel. I just, for the first time, went back and read all of my poetry from those years of my life and to be honest, I am shocked by some of the things I wrote. I dont remember feeling the way I so clearly did when I wrote them. I dont remember feeling so confused and stuck in the darkness. While I would love to share some of them, I had a rather dark and inappropriate vocabulary at that time and those poems are just not what I want to be sharing with the world. I would much rather share some of my more recent poetry and maybe a few of the older ones that are on the bright and loving side of things.

So for now I am going to share the very first poem I wrote after becoming a mother. I remember that I had just got done nursing Zeek in the middle of the night. I lied him down once he was asleep and out of nowhere there was this spark inside of me. I grabbed my phone and started writing away. I knew that I would forget all of my thoughts come morning and I didn't want to lose them. I remember waking up the next morning and barely remembering what I had wrote. I am so happy I stayed up a little longer to get everything I was feeling inside out and written so I would never forget that moment and all of the feelings I had in it.

I hope you enjoy and connect with this poem.

This one is special; this one is mine

This one is special, 

This one is mine. 

Teeny tinny, 



All combined. 


My love in exponential,  



From that moment 

On the operating table 

When I heard him cry, 

With his dad by my side, 

I knew everything would be fine; 

Through sleepless nights, 

Tired days, 

Sunshine and rain. 


Loving him 

Adoring him 

Caring for him, 

Is not a burden 

But a privilege 

Nurturing my soul. 


To feel his love 

His trust 

Before he knows 

That he can breathe through his mouth 

And not just his nose 

Is an indescribable feeling 

That fills,  


This new mother’s body 

With deep affection. 


I stare into Zeek’s eyes 

With tears in mine. 

I cannot help but smile 

Because this one is special 

This one is mine. 

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