Snow Sessions

This may be one of my last snow sessions of the year! I can’t believe that it is already April and we are still experiencing winter temperatures. I’ve talked before about how much of a summer person I am but how much I love photographing beautiful families, children and couples in the snow! I’ve said it before, and I'll say it again... snow is the best natural reflector out there. What is a natural reflector, you may ask. It is anything found in your environment that will bounce the light. It doesn’t have to organic like snow, they can also be manmade like a light-colored path or anything really, that is light in color and isn't going to absorb the light like black pavement. Snow happens to be the best. Have you ever noticed how bright it is in the winter? You can thank the snow for that! The light coming from the sky is hitting the snow and the snow is bouncing that light all over the place! 

The Williams Family

Let me introduce Finely and her parents, Emma and Aaron! We had to reschedule their session once due to the unpredictable weather we have here in Montana during the change of seasons between winter and spring. We were all getting so excited and impatient waiting that we decided even though it was a little chilly out we wanted to make it happen. I am so happy we did! Emma and Aaron were so sweet with little miss Finely! They were so full of laughs and sillies the entire session! Finely stole the show though! She got most of the session time and was just the cutest little thing. We figured out a way to get the chair photos by having her sit her bear down on the chair and then take turns with her bear. It worked perfectly! This is an approach I use with children, let them lead by showing me what they like and then I find a way to turn it into a photo opportunity. And as most kids do, Finely was hoping to bring the little rocking chair home with her. I always feel bad when I have to say that it already has a home with me.  

What is a candid photo?

Emma mentioned in the questionnaire that I sent her that she really loved candid photographs as opposed to posed ones, and their personalities were perfect for that! I made it a goal to capture as many candids for her as I could while still having a few with everyone looking or smiling at me. And to be 100% honest, there really is no such thing as a candid photo during a portrait session. Every candid moment I capture of my clients is either posed to look candid or I am guiding my clients in one way or another into the candid moment. These horizontal photos of the Williams family were almost candid, however I told them how to sit and stand and what to do while they were sitting and standing. The smiles are real, and no one would know better if I didn’t say anything. But my job as your photographer is to guide you through the entire session so you don’t have to worry about a thing and a huge part of me being able to take the stress away from you is to guide you into poses and candid moments for the entire session. 

Mom and Me & Dad and Me Moments

Every family session NEEDS a mom and me and a dad and me moment! I love being able to capture these precious moments between parents and their children.  One of my favorite things to do is have mom pick her favorite camera side (the side of her face that she prefers to have photographed) and all the photos I take of her and her kiddo will be done with that side facing me. Then when it's time for dad and me moments I switch sides so the kiddo is on the opposite side. This allows parents to print their mom and me and dad and me moments and then frame them side by side with the composition and design being balanced.  

Emma and Aaron,

Thank you so much for giving me the honor of capturing your beautiful family. I had so much fun with you guys! I cannot wait to deliver your final gallery and hope that these will hold you over for just a little while longer

xoxo Desiree

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